Top CRM Systems for HIPAA Compliance

The following are some of the best-regarded HIPAA-compliant CRM software programs.

Keap is a HIPAA-compliant, user-friendly CRM software platform that’s well suited for new and small healthcare organizations. You can use Keap to store and organize your patients’ information in a system that your team can access as needed. It’s also useful for patient acquisition, and as of January 2021, Keap has added over 2,000 apps to its library of compatible integrations.

Popular CRM platform Freshworks has an additional suite for healthcare providers. The Freshworks Healthcare CRM is HIPAA-compliant by nature. You can use it at your practice to store schedules and patient data in one location rather than across several programs. Freshworks says that with this centralized data hub, your patient satisfaction and internal workflows (including billing) are likely to improve.

Salesforce has long been a leader in the CRM field, and the Salesforce Health Cloud offshoot is no exception. You can use it to personalize the care and messages your patients receive from your practice. It can also help establish one-on-one connections between your staff and your patients and make your data more actionable. Note that payers, not just providers, can use Salesforce Health Cloud, so it can streamline the payment process between you and your patients or their insurance providers.

NexHealth is a HIPAA-compliant CRM that facilitates online scheduling, telehealth appointments, waitlists and appointment reminders. It integrates with most major electronic health record (EHR) vendors and includes reporting features and patient payment portals. The NexHealth tiers have different features; some even have capabilities for marketing campaigns and automated follow-up appointment outreach.

PatientPop is a HIPAA-compliant CRM with both internal and external features. It enables automated appointment emails, flexible online booking, patient surveys, and a stronger online presence for your practice. It also fully integrates with most EHR, electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management platforms. As such, PatientPop is equally useful for enhancing the patient experience and finding brand-new patients as it is for streamlining your internal workflows.

Caspio is a HIPAA-compliant CRM solution geared toward larger healthcare organizations. It allows for easy CRM customization without in-depth coding operations or modification. It’s a great choice if you want to grow your practice’s services beyond standard medical appointments. For example, if you want to expand into healthcare industry consulting or other non-patient-facing fields, Caspio facilitates this growth. That’s because its easy customization allows the creation of numerous interrelated online databases.

Key takeaway: The best HIPAA-compliant CRMs are Keap, Freshworks, Salesforce, NexHealth, PatientPop and Caspio.

Choose your healthcare CRM wisely
Before reading this article, you were likely aware that HIPAA compliance poses additional challenges when you’re choosing a CRM. Now that you know what those challenges are, you’re one step closer to thorough patient data security and privacy in your medical practice.

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